Who Are We

We are a private company dedicated to developing the marketing of Guatemalan handicrafts through the export and sale nationwide. Our  philosophy is directly related with to the clear idea of ​​contributing to employment generation in the rural areas where they settle is the producer and member of  organizations that own this company collectively. Moreover, the effort is directed towards supporting the developement of western Guatemala by providing marketing services to groups of artisans from various  specialties. Also it is the main strategy Design and New Product Development to allow in terms of marketing work with a differentiation strategy. In this vein is always looking to tap the wealth of traditions and the different expressions of our indigenious peolples as a means to generate wealth from these, though artisanal production.

Currently marketed products it sells Innova I in its showroom  in Quetzaltenango, and its 5 branches located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala  Santa Cruz de Quiche,Guatemala Tecpan and Santa Clara La Laguna, products mainly include six craft projects that the Foundation has executed FUNDAP  has executed over  more than 20 years. Also sells handicrafts from users of the projects of the other programs the Foundation currently has.


The products sold from INNOVA are: sheep wool products, wood products, ceramics, natural fiber products: palm Castilla cane, bamboo and cob gourd and tule or cibaque, TEXTILES in a variety of products for different functions pedal woven in loom and manufactured products, BLOWN GLASS (recycling) and miscellaneous products, Hailing from individual producers,beneficiaries of other projects implemented within other programs own Foundation Fundap


We are in time the best alternative market place for producers and consumers of good quality craft and manufactured products.


We are a company specialized in innovation, promotion and commercialization of best quality crafts, and manufactured products, with responsibility to contribute to the development of producers that require our help and support for individual and collective development. To meet our corporate mission we sustain our action in the following values:


Governing Principle

Creativity, commitment and consistent effort by the best service.

Marketing Approach

We are not alone, but the more we strive to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and potential consumers of premium products.

Comparative Advantages

  • We have knowledge and experience in managing production processes of the different specialties and Micro craft business, enabling us to have control over the supply of specialty in terms of quality, volume and production time.
  • know all the processes of marketing and export of products in domestic and international markets, respectively.
  • maintain a level of contact with the producers of the various communities.
  • We are integrated in a network of producers, to facilitate the creation of a varied and sustained products.
  • We have the infrastructure and minimal media required for the effective marketing of products.
  • For many wholesaler buyers are a company already recognized in the specialties we handle.
  • We are linked to instances that support to facilitate our access to new markets.
  • Since our origin, we have the support of a development institution that is always provided to support us to meet our commitments.

Global Strategy

Due to the nature of our organization,  to the kinds of products we handle and market segments we serve, our global market strategy, is to MARKET DIFFERENTIATION.