Innova is a trading company of handicraft with Sociedad Anonima legal concept that arises in the month of April, 1990, regardless of whether this experience beginning three years before and Marketing Unit of the Foundation for the Integral Development of economic Partner Programs. FUNDAP.

It is important to note that INNOVA arts and crafts trading company, is based in FUNDAP to offer artisans that make up organizations, supports such as: Support production, financial support, training and business training and human promotion self-organization, and research. As is obvious results are the cases of the following organizations: Cooperative COPITEM  handicraft producers wool, Cooperative.  COPINA  COPACAT,COPIKAJ AMA EL PORVENIR,

itself. is it portant to note that these are continuous and ongoing support and provide a mechanism for strengthening the capacities of integrated production and the support from organizaciones that Innova  commercially