NAME: Crafts Innova.

ADDRESS: Entrada principal 8-14 zona 3 Momostenango, Totonicapán

PHONE: 7736-5468,  7736-5018


The Cooperative Integrated production Momostecan Craft The Weaver Limited Liability COPITEM, RL, was incorporated on April 26 1.989 78 artisans and was legally recognized on 2 October of that year, currently has 115 members of which 10% are women, is headquartered at the main entrance area 8-14 3 Township Momostenango Totonicapán department is located at 208 kms., the capital city and 35 kms., the departmental capital.

Partners of the Cooperative Copitem, R.L. engaged in the production of articles derived from sheep’s wool between the products produced are: Carpets of wicks, pepenado Carpets, Rugs Jasper, blankets in different sizes and designs.



Cleaning and treatment of wool carding constitutes. This work is practiced by men (especially older), women and children of both sexes. This operation is smooth, detangle and loosen the fibers and clean of foreign matter that may contain wool, turning it into textiles. Carding is carried out with instruments known as carding and small pallets consisting of iron barbed provided with a handle.


The pads or soft wool flakes prepared in the previous phase then become carded yarn. To make this work is done using an instrument known as Redina or lathe. This apparatus consists of a timber wheel axis crossed by an iron and containing a crank which rotates said wheel. By turning the wheel, the drive belt prints a rotary motion to wire over which the yarn is spun.

Another technique of spinning is through the use of the spindle or spindle. This technique is practiced by shepherds while tending the flocks. The wool yarn is obtained by rotating the use within a concave surface (nose crates or bowls of clay) and on the other hand is ready rolled while turning wool fiber to twist and get the thread.


Until not long ago, the tissues in 100% wool is dyed with natural dyes, and from 1940 to about 1950 chemical dyes were introduced to Guatemala coming mainly from Germany, England and the United States. The dyeing process takes about two hours depending on the color to color, being able to be cold or hot, are used earthen jars or metal tones, with the application of a fixative or mordant natural. With the support and technical assistance cooperative partners have developed a range of 200 different colors ranging from pastel to strong tones, using the primary colors as a base.


The tissue is the combined action of the fabric with the warp printing various reasons and resulting in the finished product. For weaving looms are different sizes ranging from small to large 1 meter of 3.50 meters wide. The looms used to weave small scarves, jargon, and rugs, and great for blankets and carpets from imperial sizes, double and king size.



Some fabrics made of wool that are intended to shelter it is necessary to bring them to the stage known as fulling. Finished piece of weaving on the loom and removing it, the product is somewhat sparse in its fabric, this is because print is not strong enough to comb so that the tissue is more compact. To supply this defect artisans made the fulling to compact, clog and joining tissue by immersion in hot water.


This last phase is combing wool carding or aided by spiny fruit of the plant known as Cardosanto, the pieces are hung from a wooden log and they comb on both sides from top to bottom until you release your spongy tissue thin fibers and thus give a better appearance to the product.


We are an organization that promotes the development of artisans and their families through the production and marketing of wool products, also providing technical assistance, training and human capacity building and business.


We are a leading company specializing in the promotion, distribution and marketing of craft products derived from sheep wool.


Promote social and economic betterment of the artisans through production and marketing of handicrafts.

Promote social and economic improvement through the development and implementation of projects and programs that encourage the development partners.


The services provided by the cooperative partners to develop their activities are:

Bank Supplies

Sales Room

Dyeing Laboratory

Technical Assistance to Production

Training and Human Formation and Management.

Credit and Savings Program.

Social Benefits.


Carpets pepenado size 34 “X64” various designs and colors

Carpets pepenado size 64 “X84” various designs and colors

100% wool carpets, size 34 “X64” design multi-colored jasper.

100% wool carpets, size 64 “X84” design multi-colored jasper.

100% wool blankets, Imperial size, various designs and colors.

100% wool blankets, Double size, various colors and designs

100% wool blankets, queen size bed, various colors and designs.

100% wool blankets, king size, various colors and designs.