NAME: Crafts Innova.

ADDRESS: 5a Calle 14-03 Zona 1 Quetzaltenango.


Integral Cooperativa Nahualjá Artisan Production, Limited, COPINA, RL, was established in the year of 1,990 currently has 105 partners, offices are located on kilometer 159 of the Inter-American highway town of Solola Nahualá ..

The members of the Cooperative Copina, RL engaged in the activity of the woodwork and carving low and high relief and produce handicrafts and furniture finishes very own site.

Among the products that the cooperative produces are the following:


Kitchen furniture (sideboard).

Room furniture.

Bedroom Furniture (Bed).

Carved masks.

Carved religious effigies: These products are 10 to 15 inches high.

Carved effigies of animals: These generally measure 10 cm.

Toys line.


STEP 1. Wood Selection: rules or tables.

STEP 2. Drying of wood, usually in the sun.

STEP 3. Planing and edging wood especially in the case of wood

to be used for making furniture.

STEP 4. Theoretical design of furniture.

STEP 5. Cut up or sunken parts of the furniture according to design.

STEP 5. Furniture construction.

STEP 6. Sanding and finishing of furniture (application of paint or varnish).

For the particular case of the production of carved pieces in bulk, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Selecting suitable timber to the desired shape.

STEP 2. Theoretical development of form.

STEP 3. Start of wood carving, until the shape of the figurative

Desired (wood working with a percentage of 12% moisture)

STEP 4. Sanding and carved piece.

STEP 5. Finishes with funds end a color and then painted or varnished.


We are an organization that promotes the development of artisans and their families through the production and marketing of wood products, also providing technical assistance, training and human and business training.


We are a leading company specializing in the promotion, distribution and marketing of wood, carved in low and high relief package.


Promote social and economic betterment of artisans through the production and marketing of handicrafts.


The services provided by the cooperative partners for the development of their activities are:


Planer services.

Technical Assistance to Production

Credit Program.

Meeting rooms