NAME: Crafts Innova.

ADDRESS: 5a Calle 14-03 Zona 1 Quetzaltenango.

PHONE: 7763-2189, 7763-0096


The Comprehensive Cooperative Artisan “Uk’ux Aj” (Cane Heart) Limited, COPIKAJ RL is an organization that emerges from the year 2.004 by producers and integrated producers engaged in the activity of basketry, using raw cane fiber. This organization is located in the municipality of Santa Clara La Laguna in the department of Solola. Currently the number of members is 125 artisans. The ages range from 18 to 45 years.

Santa Clara la Laguna, is one of 19 municipalities in the department of Solola, western Guatemala located 160 km from the capital city. The municipality’s population is heir to the ancient Mayan K’iche ‘, which is expressed in the use of their native language, dress and customs.


STEP 1. Selection and cutting of raw material.

STEP 2. Preparation according to the type of product to be manufactured.

STEP 3. Product manual processing by type, class and design

product. These products are produced when the raw material is

Freshly cut so that still retain the moisture content that allows the flexibility thereof. The dry down is a raw material easy to break.


We are an organization that promotes the development of artisans and their families through the production and marketing of products using cane fiber, also providing technical assistance, training and human capacity building and business.


We are a leading company specializing in the promotion, distribution and marketing of handicraft products made from cane fiber.


Promote social and economic betterment of the artisans through production and marketing of handicrafts.

Promote social and economic improvement through the development and implementation of projects and programs that encourage the development partners.


The services provided by the cooperative partners to develop their activities are:

Sales Room

Technical Assistance to Production

Training and Human Formation and Management.

Credit and Savings Program.


Online Basketry: 40 designs in different sizes

For decoration: 15 designs in different sizes

Lamps: 3 designs in different sizes