NAME: Crafts Innova.

ADDRESS: 5a Calle 14-03 Zona 1 Quetzaltenango.

PHONE: 7763-2189, 7763-0096


Integral Cooperative Artisanal production of Totonicapan Potters and Potters Limited, COPACAT, RL, was incorporated on August 20 of 1,995 with 59 artisans and was legally recognized on 22 December of the same year, currently has 32 members, has its headquartered in Canton warm place Poxlajuj the municipality and department Totonicapan.

The members of the Cooperative Copacat. RL, is engaged in the business of pottery and ceramics, through which produce handicrafts made with white clay, black mud and clay.

Among the products that the cooperative produces are the following:

Tea Sets




Bowls of different designs and sizes.

Large pieces Hispanic:





STEP 1. Removing or purchase of mud or clay.

STEP 2. Drying of the raw material to the sun.

STEP 3. Grinding the raw material into the hammer mill or ball.

STEP 4. Depending on the type of dough desired use, it proceeds to the blend of raw materials.

STEP 4. Preparing the slip.

STEP 5. Removal of oxygen within the particles of the raw material. Which

can be obtained by manually or fondled by the machine called STRUDER.

STEP 6. Development of parts around, lifted or mold depending on the type of


Step 7. Drying in the shade of the pieces.

STEP 8. Revision of parts.

STEP 9. Sun drying.

STEP 10. First burning in ovens at 900 degrees centigrade.

STEP 11. Decorated pieces and glaze application.

STEP 12. Second firing in kilns at temperatures of 900 to 1.000 degrees



We are an organization that promotes the development of artisans and their families through the production and marketing of ceramic and pottery products, also providing technical assistance, training and human and business training.


We are a leading company specializing in the promotion, distribution and marketing of handicraft products made with white clay, black mud and clay.


Promote social and economic betterment of artisans through the production and marketing of handicrafts.

Promote social and economic improvement through the development and implementation of projects and programs that promote the development of partners.


The services provided by the cooperative partners for the development of their activities are:

Bank of raw materials and supplies.


Technical Assistance to Production

Training and Human Formation and Management.