NAME: Crafts Innova.

ADDRESS: 5a Calle 14-03 Zona 1 Quetzaltenango.

PHONE: 7763-2189, 7763-0096


The People’s Association and Identity Mam, also known as ASIMAM, was incorporated on April 25 of the year 1,994. Initially, the partnership provided training on the management of the Mayan calendar, human rights, women’s rights and so on., Then engages in actions for the resolution of family disputes of the inhabitants of San Miguel Sigüilá, San Martin Sacatepequez and San Carlos Sija, all for the purpose of promoting mutual respect for people of the aforementioned communities. Since 2000, the Association initiates activities for managing projects and housing construction starts and learning the pedal loom weaving. Since 2002 the Association became more involved in the management of production projects including mentions the pedal loom weaving, sewing clothes and typical accessories, chocolate and shampoo production. With the support of Fundap, in recent years have strengthened the various activities; since, it has diversified production and products are of better quality, and it has better production capacity after having implemented best techniques coupled with the acquisition of more and better production equipment, among which may be mentioned; looms for weaving mill for chocolate and shampoo laboratory equipment.


Selection of raw materials and supplies.

Preparation of raw materials and supplies.

Transformation of raw materials and supplies.

Quality control.


We are a development association, is dedicated to search and provide support to our partners and the general public, through sustainable development projects for rural families to improve their living conditions.


To be the best organization in promoting the development of families living in the rural area of ​​Quetzaltenango.


Contribute to improving the quality of life of members and neighbors through the development, management and implementation of sustainable projects.

Contribute to improve the incomes of farming families through the promotion and marketing of its various products.

Position the textile handicraft products, chocolate and shampoo, to contribute to the generation of employment and income of farming families.


Currently, the Association has the following services to its members and the general public.

Showroom textile crafts, chocolate and shampoo.

Technical Training for producing tissues, chocolate and shampoo.

Program micro credit and savings.


The products of the Association are:

Shawls, Scarves, Shirts, Bags, Purses, Backpacks, Hammocks Tablecloths, all of different designs and sizes.

Smooth and marbled fabric different designs.

Fabric Coban and Kashquem.

Chocolate Vanilla and Cinnamon.

Shampoo Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosemary and Dandruff.

Hand Soap.

Disinfectants for floors