The Cooperative Integrated production Momostecan Craft The Weaver Limited Liability COPITEM, RL, was incorporated on April 26, 1.989.

Cooperative partners Copitem, R.L. engaged in the production of articles derived from sheep’s wool between the products produced are:Carpets of wicks, pepenado Alfombrascon technique, Jasper rugs, blankets in different sizes and designs.

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The Comprehensive Cooperative Artisan production Nahualjá, Limited Liability Copina, RL, was established in the year of 1.990 currently has 105 members.

Partners of the Cooperative Copina, R.L. engaged in the activity of woodworking and carving of low and high relief and produce handicrafts and furniture finishes very own site.

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The Comprehensive Cooperative Artisan Palma production Quiché, Limited Liability COIPALMA, R. L., was incorporated on August 21, 2001 with 155 artisans of whom 90% are women, offices are located a few blocks from central park of the municipality and the department of Santa Cruz del Quiche. The women in the organization mostly speak the native language only Kiché, ages ranging from 20 to 45 years and use the costume of the region.

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Integral Cooperative Artisal production of Totonicapan Petters and Potters Limited, COPACAT, RL, was incorporated on August 20 of 1,995 with 89 artisans and was legally recorgnized on 22 December of the same year, currently the same year, currently has 32 members, has its headquartered in canton warm place Poxlajuj the municipality and department  Totonicapan.

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The People’s Association and Identity Mam, also known as ASIMAM, was formed on 25 April of the year 1.994. Initially, the association provided training on the management of the Mayan calendar, human rights, women’s rights and so on., Then engages in actions for the resolution of family disputes of the inhabitants of San Miguel Sigüilá, San Martin and San Carlos Sija Sacatepéquez, all aiming to promote mutual respect in people.

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The Cooperative Blown Glass Production Limited, COPAVIC. RL was founded on December 1, 1.976 for 17 glassmakers of Cantel, Quetzaltenango. From its inception has been dedicated to improving its offer with innovative designs, thanks to demand from international buyers, mainly from the fair trade market. Thus COPAVIC cooperative is the only national and regional levels in Central America that is dedicated to the production of blown glass.

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The Comprehensive Cooperative Artisan “Uk’ux Aj” (Cane Heart) Limited, COPIKAJ RL is an organization that emerges from the year 2.004 by producers and integrated producers engaged in the activity of basketry, using raw cane fiber. This organization is located in the municipality of Santa Clara La Laguna in the department of Solola. Currently the number of members is 125 artisans.

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The Association of craftswomen Chinantón El Porvenir, was incorporated on August 15 of 2,008 with 36 women artisans, and was legally enforceable February 2, 2009.

It currently has 129 female partner is based in the village of Chinantón the municipality of San Andrés Sajcabajá the department of Santa Cruz del Quiche, is located 210 kms., The capital city and 62 kms., The departmental capital.

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Artisans Association of San Juan, was founded on January 3, 1988, under the name Project The Artisans of San Juan, at the initiative of a group of weavers in the village of Maya Tzutujil San Juan La Laguna at the Department of Solola , who enlisted the help of an American visitor called Liana Ward, to find export markets where their tissues. Liana support in organizing the group and designing clothes.

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